April – Meet Fiona the Goat

Fiona recently came to live with us.  She isn’t the prettiest goat I’ve ever seen, but she has “attitude” and that counts for a lot.  I don’t even know what kind of goat she is.  She’s mostly gray, has wicked looking horns and so far, she doesn’t want much to do with us.

She’s a bit skittish around people.  She comes close enough to investigate, and maybe grab a quick snack out of Chris’ hand — but not close enough to let us pet her.  She marches along the fence line inspecting her new penned in pasture and then positions herself at the top of the hillside, juts her shoulders forward and seems to proclaim — all this land is mine!

Apparently goats love to eat poison ivy.  And I’d love to get rid of our poison ivy.  So Fiona is welcome here for as long as she has an appetite.

Those are some serious horns.
“So all this land is mine”
“But how do I get out of here?”










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