April – Fiona has Friends

Fiona was lonely, so her entourage arrived a few days later.  The truck with a trailer pulled up to the end of the driveway.  After previous experiences trying to get things up the driveway (like the barn), we decided it was best just to unload there.  Chris and Becky opened the trailer doors, lassoed the horses (okay – not really lassoed – more like grabbed their lead lines) and led them up the driveway to the pasture.

There was a lot of running and jumping going on the first night.  They ran from one end of the pasture to the other checking out their new space and grazed on the fresh grass like they better get it while the gettin’ was good.  By morning they had settled down, trotting around the pasture like they own the place.

A pecking order quickly emerged.  Disa, the Norwegian Fjord horse is the largest, and clearly in charge.  Pono, the miniature horse follows Disa every where she goes.  And Fiona seems to run behind saying “wait for me.”

When I wake up in the morning, I don’t even have to get out of bed to see the menagerie.  They congregate in the lower corner of the pasture – in view of the bedroom window, and gaze up at the house to see if there are any signs of life yet.

Chris keeps horse treats in one pocket and goat treats in the other, determined to have them come running as soon as they see him – so far, the horses are getting the idea, but Fiona… well, she needs a little more convincing.

The horse trailer arrived and parked on the street — no navigating the driveway this time!
Our first “meet and greet” with Pono.
It looks like a parade — Becky with Disa and Chris with Pono.
Chris tells Pono — I’m in charge here.
But looks relieved once they are inside the pasture.
This looks like a 4-H project in the making.
All settled in.
And Fiona joins the crowd.
They have a nice view of the house, we have a nice view of the horses.

2 thoughts on “April – Fiona has Friends

  1. What a difference a year has made: a year ago the house stood abandoned and alone near the top of the hill; now it has been beautifully renovated and stands amongst a garage, barn, chicken coop and stables, all of which are occupied.

    It’s truly amazing, and it’s been fun watching your farm come to life!


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