May – Posts & Rails

We’ve been so busy with the “have-to-do” list that it seems unusual to have a project that was on the “nice-to-do-list.”

We “had-to-do” the garden fence, the tilling and getting the garden planted.  That’s a given.  I can’t live without a vegetable garden so I can play in the dirt and harvest my own tomatoes and green beans.  And we had to work on clearing the brush and briars – because, well – the property looked terrible and the vines were choking the trees (and we’ll be working on that project for a long time to come).  But we didn’t “have-to-do” a post and rail fence adjacent to the driveway pull-out.  It was a “nice-to-do thing;” and it does look nice.  It has the added benefit of protecting the propane tank when people drive off the edge of the driveway – which surprisingly, has happened several times already.

This project was Chris’ idea – and I’m glad it was his idea, because it was a lot of work.  I would have felt bad if it was one of my ideas, and then he had to work so hard at it.  Digging three post holes with a post-hole digger takes strength and determination.  When you are digging on the No Rhyme or Reason Farm – where rocks seem to exist everywhere for no rhyme or reason, it takes strength, determination AND perseverance.  After digging out even more rocks, centering the posts and leveling the rails, he filled the holes with cement, and now we have a lovely little post and rail fence.

But the lovely little post and rail fence was calling out for grape vines to climb the rails, spread out their tendrils and provide us with grapes.  After trips to several nurseries and garden centers, I thought I was going to have to give up on this vision until next spring when the available stock was still alive (or at least the dead looking branches were still pliable so that there was a prayer of a chance that watering them could bring them back to life).  But then a trip to Tractor Supply brought us serendipitously face-to-face with two perfectly healthy grape vines – one red, one white.  We’ve now added Concord Grapes and Niagara Grapes to our farm – and one day, maybe in a couple of years, we’ll see the fruits of Chris’ labors.

Hard work on the farm — I’m glad this project was his idea.
Getting the posts in place.
The fence protects the propane tank and edges the driveway
Still trying to get the grass to grow, but it’s looking good.
Can’t wait to have grapes!

4 thoughts on “May – Posts & Rails

  1. That was a good idea: it gives a finished edge to the top of driveway and helps to prevent errant guests from driving over the propane tank. Plus the natural wood fence provides a kind of symmetry with the natural wood porch on the front of the house, which might have been a serendipitous bonus.

    Next year maybe you can seek out some finer grapes for the farm and in a few years begin bottling No Rhyme or Reason Wines.


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