May – The (Rock) Garden

We have almost five acres, and yet there seemed to be no place to put a garden.  We thought about the field near the chicken coop, but it is on a slope, it has a BIG black walnut tree (and stuff doesn’t grow well around walnut trees), and it would be in too much shade.  We thought about the front yard, but that just seems weird.  And then we decided on the open space to the right of the garage.  It’s south-facing, has only a slight slope and gets decent sunshine.  We had a fence erected.  The fence is 20 feet by 30 feet by 6 feet high to keep the deer out, with an extra wire “bib” at the bottom to keep the ground hogs and rabbits out.  We’re all set.

Neighbors graciously brought us a front-end loader bucket full of manure from their cows and Chris got busy tilling it in.  And then he hit rocks.  Not just one or two rocks, but apparently the remnants of the foundation from the old barn.  Lots of rocks.  He would till, then stop and use a crowbar, then till again, and stop and use the crowbar.

Finally – it seemed well tilled.  I raked and raked pulling out pieces of broken glass, stones, gravel, metal door latches from the old barn, and a variety of other stuff until it was smooth and beautiful.

After a trip to the local nursery for plants, and with the big bag of seeds I’ve been collecting (seems like I’d add another packet or two every time we entered a Home Depot or Lowe’s) – I took my trowel and got busy.  I dug the first hole – and hit a rock.  Chris had to get out of the crow bar again.  I dug the second hole – and hit a rock.  Chris had to get out the crow bar again.  And so it went, until we finally got everything planted.

So far it seems the plants are thriving and the seeds are popping up – so I have high expectations.

I also have another rock wall – because what else are you going to do with all these rocks.  This rock wall lines the 2nd ridge line along the property and is an edge to the back slope up to the barn.  I’m sure Disa, Pono and Fiona enjoy the bucolic view from their pasture – down over the stone wall.

The peas and beans are popping up.
We have four quadrants so we can rotate the crops from year to year.
This section has lots of spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and brussel spouts!
And we grew enough rocks for another wall.
It a nice edge to the path to the barn.

3 thoughts on “May – The (Rock) Garden

  1. If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. Jeanne, you and Chris are amazing, no matter what is thrown your way you both keep trudging along. I admire what you both are doing!!!!


  2. You should have a great harvest to look forward to this year! Even if the harvest disappoints for some reason, you’ve added nicely to your rock collection.

    As always, I’m impressed by the energy you and Chris have. In my advanced years I don’t have that much stamina. Come to think of it, in my youth I didn’t have that much stamina, either.


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