July – A Sigh of Relief

For all of you who have been holding your breath along with me, we can breathe a sigh of relief.  Yes!  The garden is actually producing food!

I know you were all waiting for that good news.

It got off to a rocky start – and I do mean rocky.  We pulled everything from gravel to boulders out of that garden.  Then, whole rows of plants went missing, thanks to a voracious baby bunny that squeezed between the wire squares of the fence.  For as much as he/she ate – I’m surprised it could squeeze back out again.

Some stuff was slow to take off.  A seed tape of lettuce must have sat beneath the surface of almost rock hard dirt for about a month before it started pushing through – now it’s producing more lettuce than we can eat (or want to eat).

The peas have come and gone already – but I’m already planning a fall crop.  The beans are throwing more beans at me than I can keep up with.  I blanch and freeze a colander full almost every night.

The zucchini is starting, and you know if you turn your back on those things, they turn into the size of a baseball bat before you know it.  I’ve been freezing those (and yellow squash), and grating some of the zucchini so that when the snow flies, I can make zucchini bread.  I’m waiting for the acorn squash and patty-pan squash to take off, the tomatoes plants are loaded with green tomatoes, and we’ve picked our first two cucumbers.

While there have been some flops (like the garlic and Swiss Chard), the garden seems to be a success – even the sunflowers are blooming to give their approval.

Yes, we’ll be eating well – well into next year.

Lots of produce — lettuce, green beans, yellow beans, yellow squash and peas.
The bean brigade — getting ready to freeze.
The “scraps for the girls”
A quick blanch in boiling water
And a dunk in ice water.
Then freeze on a cookie sheet, pack in a bag and I’m ready for winter!

4 thoughts on “July – A Sigh of Relief

  1. I have so enjoyed finally getting a chance to read all of your posts. I will reach out soon as I promised to stop over and see your beautiful home in person. Hope all is well with you. Jenn.


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