July — The Bone Collector

We found the skull of some sort of animal – probably a fox, a while ago.  And we’ve dug up an assortment of soup bones, cow bones and “who knows what” bones as we’ve been clearing the property.  I know there are bones around, yet it’s always a bit startling to be raking leaves and uncover bones.  In the front meadow alone I’ve found two such “burial grounds” for whatever they may have been.

It has happened often enough that Chris’ friend Len provided the proper attire for clearing our property of bones — a “Bone Collector” shirt.  Now I hand him his shirt and a shovel and tell him I’ve found more…

Here is the most recent find.

An Assortment of bones
Couldn’t have been that big of an animal, maybe 30 inches long — ribs, back bone, etc. — scattered across the ground. I guess finding the bones is better than finding a dead animal!
A box of bones — what’s a bone collector to do with all these bones?

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