September – Hey, Hey… Hay!

The truck is beginning to pay for itself already!  Chris picked up a load of hay and hauled it home in the truck.  Yes, that brand new truck will certain make a dent in those hay delivery charges!  With stray strands of hay flying around behind, we lumbered over hill and dale of back country roads.  It was like lugging a Christmas tree home on the roof of the car, only to see all the needles flying off.  I wondered how much of the bales would remain; for the most part they were intact.

 It’s a multi-step process getting the hay unloaded.  The bales go from the truck bed to the little green cart attached to the back of the John Deere, and then hauled up the hill behind our house where they are unloaded into the barn.  Arianna enjoyed the trek back and forth – especially when she got to sprawl out in the empty cart on the return trips down the hill.

 Considering that the barn only holds about 2 to 3 weeks’ worth of hay, I guess the delivery truck will be getting a work out.  The horses are happy with the fresh hay, Arianna is happy with the tractor rides and the “farmer” is happy in his pick-up truck.  I guess it’s a good day on No Rhyme or Reason Farm.

A truck load of hay — or what’s left of it, after some blew away on the drive to our house
Transferring to the next ride — the Deere to carry it up the hill.
Of course, there’s a passenger to help haul the hay.
And she looks like a movie star — with the car to herself for the return trip to the truck for the next load of hay.

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