September – Which way does the Wind Blow?

Chris has been going through new chains for his chain saw about once a week – that’s how many trees he’s been cutting down.  We are trying to reclaim the meadow and open up space where we want to start our orchard.  Cutting down the trees is just the beginning.  Then he slices them into fireplace-size logs.  Then he splits them with an axe.  He’s turning into a regular Paul Bunyon!  After all, we do have two fireplaces to feed, and the wood pile is growing.

So, Chris decided we need a woodshed for all the split wood he has been stacking up.  And I decided we need a woodshed because I saw a really cute one with a weather vane on top.

We went back to Pop’s Barns, where we got the run-in shed for the horses, and ordered a 4×8 Quaker model woodshed with a chicken weather vane on top.  That was the easy part.

Then the space needed to be readied for the woodshed.  The pile of split wood needed to be moved, the land needed to be cleared, tilled and leveled.  Then we waited – six impatient weeks for the shed to be delivered before we could stack the firewood into the appropriate compartments of the woodshed.

And now I know which way the wind is blowing.

The hillside before we cleared it, and with a wood pile that is calling out for a wood shed.
“Visitors” stroll through the yard and inspect the wood pile.
Clearing the weeds, briars, brambles and mess off the hill side.
Finally cleared and ready for the wood shed.
And here it comes up the driveway.
Chris inspects as it gets slid in to place.
Now he has to move ALL of this wood into the shed.
The wood shed, sitting in place and full of wood.
The wind is blowing out of the east — and now we have a Rooster on the farm!

3 thoughts on “September – Which way does the Wind Blow?

  1. Der Wind weht hoffentlich immer in die gute Seite! Schönes Holzhäuschen, da wird sich das Cheminéeholz wohlfühlen und sicher auch gut trocknen so das es dann auch gut Brennt. Wir sehen, euch wird es noch nicht Langweilig und ihr habt sicher noch weitere Projekte nebst der geplanten Plantage!


  2. I join Thomas and Denise in hoping that the wind always blows against the back of the woodshed so that the open side and the wood inside remains dry!

    Your neighbors must be thrilled with the improvements you’ve made to the property, since it makes the neighborhood look better and everyone’s property value must have increased by not having an abandoned farmhouse perched on the hill. They must also marvel at the boundless energy you and Chris have — I know it amazes me!


  3. Well now you have a place to take Arianna behind! But I’m sure she is a good girl and will not need the “switch”. And thank you for your translating there, Ray (whoever you are😀)


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