March — Apparently to BEE

Against my better judgment, the bees are ordered; they’ll arrive April 1.  But we can’t have the bees arriving without a place to put them.  Chris leveled out our chosen spot – far enough away from the house, but close enough to keep an eye on them, and adjacent to our blueberries, raspberries and soon to be fruit orchard – just to make sure they get the right idea about what they are expected to pollinate.

Chris learned about a local place, an Amish farm with a woodworking shop, where they make – of all things – beekeeping equipment.  Not only do they make it, but they will build it AND paint it.  Having built more than my fair share of bee hives in the past, this sounded like a fine option.  So, we drove out to Forest Hill Beekeeping Supplies in… of all places… Paradise, PA and loaded the truck.  Yes, that darn truck does come in handy sometimes.

The hives are in place, the extra supers (hive boxes) are stacked in the garage – and I’m tempted to go walk barefoot (even though there is now snow on the ground) – just because I can!  Before the bees get here.

Our local bee equipment store.
Loaded in the truck.
Getting ready for the hives.
The base of the hives are in place.
Seems like a sturdy enough spot.
Ready for April 1.
And far enough away from the house to keep me happy.



6 thoughts on “March — Apparently to BEE

  1. The way you guys keep adding things to your property, you might need to consider acquiring adjacent land before you run out of room.


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