March – A turn, a twist and a plunge

There is a fairly sharp turn in the road just before you get to our farm.  It’s not that big of a deal, but it’s a good idea to slow down a little when you go around the curve – especially when there is a snow squall blowing through.  That advice is a day late and a dollar short for some poor kid who took the turn too fast, spun 180⁰ and then slid backwards across our yard, narrowly missed the telephone pole, and plunked squarely into the stream.

Chris was home at the time, thought he heard a thud, but didn’t really think much of it until the police and 3 tow trucks showed up.

It’s amazing the things we find in the front yard. Typically it’s just trash, beer cans, Snapple bottles and the like.  Once Chris found a cane and a pack of Viagra (belonging to the same person?), and who knows why it was in our front yard.  But to find a car in the stream was a bit unexpected.

No harm done.  The kid was fine.  The yard only has a few ruts.  My only regret was that he didn’t take out the one ugly bush-tree-briar thing that we haven’t taken the time to cut down yet.  Maybe next time.

How it ended up that far across the yard and in the stream — I don’t know.
Getting it hitched up…
and pulled out. I guess he’ll go slower around the curve the next time.

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