March – No R or R on the Farm

Those of you who follow No Rhyme or Reason Farm know we named it that because it had been known as the “Reason Farm,” the last name of the people who had lived here for decades, and because there was — No Rhyme or Reason for us to have a farm at this stage in our lives when we should be considering assisted living options and not shoveling horse poop and roto-tilling gardens.  It comes with a bit of irony that in abbreviating the No Rhyme or Reason Farm, it becomes the No R or R Farm — which is so true.  We could have named it the No Rest or Relaxation Farm.

But, we are determined to have some rest and relaxation — right after a lot of hard work.  We’ve been busy trying to clean out the insides of the spring house where rocks (actually boulders) have tumbled into it.  We’ve been hoisting them out, cleaning away debris — and building more rock walls, because that’s what I do with all the rocks around here.

We cleared the brambles and vines away from several trees adjacent to the spring house ruins and we realized… this is the perfect place for some R and R.  Chris’ niece brought us a hammock from her recent trip through South America, so with the addition of a couple of hooks on the trees — I’m ready for some R and R this summer.  I think it will be a great place to read a book while Chris cuts the grass.

Clearing out the bed of the spring house so the spring can flow again.
Cleared away a tree stump wrapped in old fencing and barbed wire — ouch!
My new stone wall for a flower bed between the trees.
A perfect quiet place…
To hang hooks…
For a hammock!

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