March – My “Extended” Garden

I’m extending my garden 8 feet x 8 feet.  It’s not that big of an extension – but it’s a big deal.  This expansion comes with a door, a thermostat, a fan – and glass!

My 8 x 8 greenhouse should arrive next week.  We decided it should go adjacent to the garden.  It’s a relatively flat spot with bright sunlight and close enough to take plants back and forth between the two.  We bought some 4×4 landscape ties so we will have a frame upon which to place the greenhouse when they deliver it.  Chris got busy with the shovel and the level.  The problem is, it isn’t really level at all.  In fact, it’s very NOT level.  It took several attempts and a 2nd trip back to Home Depot to get more 4×4 landscape ties – and now it’s level!

I love my garden and I never can wait until the appropriate time to start planting it.  I’ll confess to having to replant things every year because I jump the gun, heel-in the tomatoes and basil, and come out the next morning to find them DOA.

So, not only am I expanding my garden size… I’m expanding my growing season.  Now I can start those plants early and keep them toasty in the greenhouse.  And just think of the advantages when fall creeps in.  I can probably keep basil growing at least until Thanksgiving!  And maybe some containers of lettuce and spinach too!

It slopes more than we thought.
Squared up and getting tilled.

3 thoughts on “March – My “Extended” Garden

  1. I’ve noticed, with interest and admiration, what a nice job Chris has done on a million projects at No Rhyme or Reason Farm and I was wondering — is he for hire?


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